Boudeuse Oyster No.4
Boudeuse Oyster No.4

Boudeuse Oyster No.4


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Flirtatious and sweet; a small flavourful oyster.

The somewhat stubborn Boudeuse, or “sulky one”, appears to not want to grow up. In reality, the repeated movements of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean slow its growth. But beneath its small, round-shaped shell hides precious flavour. Irresistible and flirtatious, its sweetness, delicate character and delicious taste make this generous oyster a real delight.


The Boudeuse likes to be made a meal of, but won’t disappoint as a predinner nibble - its delicate, sweet flavour accompanies aperitifs splendidly.



Size: No.4

Volume of flesh: 14 to 14% of the weight.

Growing method : 3 years in sea.

Seasonal availability: All year long.

Origin: France & Europe


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