Chavignol AOP - 60g  12 pcs

Chavignol AOP - 60g 12 pcs


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Chavignol cheese originates from the Loire, Chavignol in France. It is produced from raw milk of the alpine goats which can be easily recognized by their brown thick coats.

It is one of those rarest cheeses that can be eaten at various stages of its maturity. It is often eaten clothed in fine herbs when fresh from the cheese vat. At this stage of the maturing process, it has a creamy, nutty taste. After about six weeks, while its smell starts getting stronger, its pâté becomes dry and brittle. Moreover, a harder texture with a pronounced flavour starts to develop. Hereafter, the cheese continues to mature and the robust taste increases, but never gets sour. Its rind develops into a rough and hard layer over a period of time.



Milk: Goat

Type: Soft Cheese

Production: Farmer

Process: Unpasteurized

Fat: 26%

Shelf Life: 30 Days

Storage: Chiller

Origin: Cher, France


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