Organic Maple Syrop - 250g
Organic Maple Syrop - 250g

Organic Maple Syrop - 250g


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Ideal for pancakes and drizzling over a whole host of different cakes, crumpets and puddings. It is also a delicious addition to a wide range of vegetable dishes.


Maple syrup is made from the sap of the maple trees native to Canada and the USA. In order to obtain the juice, the trees are tapped. The sticky liquid is collected in buckets or directly flows through pipelines in larger collecting vessels. By prolonged heating, from 40 to 50 liters of juice only one liter of syrup is obtained.

At the beginning of the four to six weeks harvest period, the maple sap is still thinner. The light syrup gained from this is referred to as Grade A Syrup. It has a fine, well-balanced flavor.

The maple syrup of the last period is somewhat dark and is named Grade C. Grade C maple syrup has a slightly stronger taste than Grade A.

Every year in spring, the maple trees are tapped and the first sweet drops of maple sap is collected in buckets. Every day this bucket is emptied and the "juice" is brought to the sugar house. At the beginning, the juice has the same characteristics as water, but throughout the production process, it thickens and turns into syrup. The evaporation process takes place in large and flat vessels that are constantly kept on strong fire.

Professionals from the government check each production of maple syrup and certify its 100% purity. They also prepare a laboratory report in which they confirm the purity. Certified organic.

Origin: Canada


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