Pistachio Cream 30% - 200g
Pistachio Cream 30% - 200g

Pistachio Cream 30% - 200g


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Ideal to be spread on a slice of homemade bread. 

Bacco is an artisan company of pistachio production and transformation. The production model is based on the control of the whole chain, from harvesting to storage, up to processing and to the finished product, and on the extraordinary quality of the raw material combined with processing techniques that, though still traditional, combine the mastery of craftsmanship with the use of perfected machinery. 

Bacco, in its production uses only the best pistachio, starts from traditional processes of preparation to extend to other kinds of production, which are born out of an accurate study of compatibility between pistachio characteristics and eating habits in consumers, who mostly care not only to what is good in products, to taste and flavour (pistachio-based products are rich in vitamins, mineral nutrients, fibres and essential fatty acids) but also to the customs of a healthy diet.

Pistachio shows all these qualities: good, healthy, genuine, without the addition of preservatives or of animal fats, of certified origin thanks to the acknowledgement of the PDO symbol. The company is certified as well: because it is authorised to insert the caption “Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP” in its labels. 

Origin: Sicily, Italy


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