Spéciale Oyster No.3
Spéciale Oyster No.3

Spéciale Oyster No.3


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Generous and nutty; a small flavourful oyster.

This elegant oyster is one of the great classics of seafood stalls and seafood platters. It owes its excellence, in part, to its slow and harmonious growth at sea. Its finish reveals balanced, salty flavours and crispness with irresistible nutty notes, making it simply delicious overall.


The Spéciale’s sweet, gentle flavour will please both the uninitiated including children, and regular oyster eaters - this is an oyster for everyone.



Size: No.3

Volume of flesh: 14 to 14% of the weight.

Growing method : 3 years in sea.

Seasonal availability: All year long.

Origin: France & Europe


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