Epoisses AOP - 250g (Pregnant friendly; Cow's Milk)

Epoisses AOP - 250g (Pregnant friendly; Cow's Milk)

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Époisses is a pungent soft-paste cow-milk cheese. Smear-ripened, "washed-rind"" (washed in brine and Marc de Bourgogne), it is circular with a distinctive soft red-orange color. It is made either from raw or pasteurized milk. It is sold in a circular wooden box, and in restaurants, is sometimes served with a spoon due to its extremely soft texture. 

Similar to Délice.



Milk: Cow

Type: Washed Rind Cheese

Production: Artisanal

Process: Pasteurized

Fat: 24%

Shelf Life: 45 Days

Storage: Chiller

Origin: Bourgogne, France