Etivaz AOP - 3.750kg
Etivaz AOP - 3.750kg

Etivaz AOP - 3.750kg


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 Etivaz AOP is a hard cheese made using unpasteurised milk. It is produced by hand in over one hundred alpine creameries in the Vaud Alps between May and October using unpasteurised milk, an open fire and the traditional recipe. The unpasteurised milk is processed on site and is full of the aromas of fine alpine herbs.

Etivaz AOP has a distinctive, tangy, fruity flavour with a slightly nutty note. The flavour varies from Alp to Alp, depending on the diet of the cows. The cheese ranges in colour from ivory to light yellow.

Roasted taste.



Milk: Cow

Type: Cooked Pressed Cheese

Production: Artisanal

Process: Unpasteurized

Fat: 34%

Shelf Life: 60 Days

Storage: Chiller

Origin: Suisse, France

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