Fromage d'Ossau - 5kg
Fromage d'Ossau - 5kg

Fromage d'Ossau - 5kg


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An uncooked and pressed cheese, Ossau-Iraty is semi-hard in texture with a thick, buff rind marked with rust and grey moulds. Beneath the brown and orange rind is an ivory white, supple and slightly grainy interior that has a creamy and buttery mouth feel. Flavours are herbaceous, nutty and fruity if the produce is from winter while the summer cheeses tend to reveal aromas of grass and flowers.

Flavoured cheese.

Awarded with Super Gold Medal at World Cheese Awards in 2019.



Milk: Sheep

Type: Uncooked Pressed Cheese

Production: Farmer

Process: Unpasteurized

Fat: 32.6%

Shelf Life: 60 Days

Storage: Chiller

Origin: Pyrénées-Atlantique, France

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