Idéale Oyster (Pousse en Claire) No.3
Idéale Oyster (Pousse en Claire) No.3

Idéale Oyster (Pousse en Claire) No.3


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This one is the famous “Pousse en Claire”. Delicate and Harmonious.

Space, time and the special attention that only authentic know-how acquired over generations can bring are what make the Idéale oysters so remarkable. The outstanding character of this demanding-to-produce Oyster has been awarded at the “Concours Général Agricole”. All throughout their finishing in claires, these oysters cohabit with emperor shrimps which help to maintain phytoplankton, a source of nutrients, in a perfect alchemy between two exceptional creatures.


Just like a fine wine, the Idéale offers an incomparably long finish. As every tasting is unique, we suggest serving these oysters alone as a main dish. The Idéale is a smooth oyster recommended for oyster lovers who will appreciate its balance and explosive flavour.



Size: No.3

Volume of flesh: 18 to 20% of the weight.

Growing method : 3 years in sea; finishing in Claires for 8 months; 1 oyster per square meter. Sustainably farmed.

Seasonal availability: From October to April.

Origin: Marennes-Oléron exclusively


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