La Marotte  (Sheep's Milk)
La Marotte  (Sheep's Milk)

La Marotte (Sheep's Milk)

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La Marrotte is a natural rind cheese. It has a chewy and slightly grainy and has a medium-strong, nutty flavor with an earthy, tangy finish taste. Rustic in appearance, the aromas of this sheep's milk tommette are mossy, licheny, and smell delicately of a wool sweater that has been in the woods for a couple days.

Each small wheel of La Marotte cheese is delicately wrapped in muslin and then left to age which leaves the hatched pattern on the exterior of the cheese.

The paste is dense and smooth as is classic with sheep's milk cheeses.

Aged 3-4 months.



Milk: Sheep

Type: Uncooked Pressed Cheese

Production: Artisanal

Process: Thermized

Fat: 37%

Shelf Life: 60 Days

Storage: Chiller

Origin: Lozère, France

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